Memory Foam Queen pad – Mattress for lower back pain

Memory Foam Queen pad - Mattress for lower back pain

Memory Foam Queen pad - Mattress for lower back pain

The Memory Foam Queen pad Mattress for lower back pain industry today has everything it needs to appeal to exotic tastes. They build their mattresses with special alloy springs, write reams about the stuffing they use, the layers they place in there, and of course the stitching and the casing material they pick. For each exotic choice in stuffing or materials they make for you, they can choose to charge you thousands extra, and claim a scientific benefit (the benefit being real or imaginary as the case may be).

Memory Foam Mattress Back Pain

And if the company that sells the bed mattresses comes from far away, say Europe or Asia, so much the better. Consider Hastens, the Swedish manufacturer (or should I say creator) of extra luxury bed mattresses. They actually charge more than $50,000 for each "creation", and they say that they make them with horsehair whose softness can knock you out in bed. Another company from Italy called matinee flex, that only sells its wares through special hand-picked retailers in this country, sells its creations for about $25,000 each.

I find myself thinking that the days of the $800 haircut have perhaps not really left us. It now looks like to the rich, even in a recession like this, spending as much on a mattress as could keep a family in the projects alive for a couple of years, isn't that much of a stretch.These bed mattresses certainly are extremely comfortable and inviting. But are they any better than the ones that cost a mere $5000 or less? Most of us do sleep well in whatever we have at home.

In Japan, the custom has been to sleep on the floor traditionally, and who's to say that they suffer for it? But there is something to buying a new memory foam mattress back pain bed; if you have kept the same old bed mattresses for more than ten years, it is quite possible that a new one would do you a world of good. A saggy and weak bed, mattress or pillow can irritate the body.



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