I Know Why Barack Obama Lied About Benghazi

Why Barack Obama Lied About Benghazi

Having lunch and lively discussion with my wonderful daughter today I had an epiphany. The whole Benghazi fiasco has been a puzzle to me ever since it happened. After watching the hearings and testimony last week it became clear that what I had suspected from day one was true; that there was no protest, only an attack by Islamic Extremists, and a youtube video had zero to do with the assassination of Ambassador Stevens or the other three Americans killed at the compound, more likely it was retaliation for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and carried out on 9/11 to make it clear.

So why did Obama, Clinton and their minions concoct this lie?

Clearly the facts show that Hilary Clinton, in her role as Secretary of State, was negligent and should be held culpable for not securing the compound, especially in light of the fact that her department cut back on security when the Ambassador had been begging for more security for many months. Ms. Clinton would go along with whatever story would get her past the New Year so she could quit her post without the facts coming to light.

But for what possible reason would President Obama lie repeatedly about the compound attacks being the result of a demonstration caused by a youtube video?

Similarly why has this president removed “Islamic militant” “Muslim extremist” “Islamic terrorist” and other accurate descriptions of those perpetrating acts of terror during his tenure in office?

Why in heaven’s name was the Fort Hood massacre labelled “work place violence” and not a terrorist act? After all it was carried out by a Muslim who screamed “Allahu Akbar” while shooting, maiming and killing his fellow American soldiers. Not only that, Obama’s CIA killed the American Muslim cleric who had radicalized Major Nidal Malik Hasan online, in a drone attack in Yemen.

Why did this president denounce water-boarding as torture, and then order feeding-tubes down the throats of hunger strikers at the Guantanomo Bay detention camp?

Further why is that detention camp still open? Wasn’t that one of his primary promises in his first election?

And if he’s so concerned about torture, why has he approved hundreds of assassinations on foreign soil, killings that result in hundreds of casualties of the innocent citizens unlucky enough to live in a village where an Islamic Militant lives?

This man has Harvard Law Degree in Constitutional Law. Surely he knows these drone strikes are unconstitutional.


And then it all came together. Obama’s reelection campaign narrative was that he had gotten Bin Laden and more than that the war on terror was over. His drone strikes had been systematically assassinating Al Queda leadership around the world and Al Queda was on the run and no longer a threat. The intelligence from the Guantanomo Bay detention camp must have been or still be a continuing source of finding Al Queda hideouts.

I believe Obama had to be trying to protect what he perceived would be his legacy. In his mind he would leave his second term as the President who had ended the bad Republican war in Iraq, ended the war in Afganistan, and justifiably so because he was the president who had defeated Al Queda and won the war on terror. I believe this is the only logical reason for these bizarre policy decisions relating to Benghazi and his refusal to utter any words recognizing terrorist acts carried out by Muslims.

Our president was protecting his perceived legacy.

His first overseas visit was to Egypt where he set the Arab Spring in motion by calling for political reform and he believed it would result in Arab state democracies blooming all over the middle east.

By extension of this philosophy the administration made it policy. Certainly directives were sent throughout the executive branches of government pushing this flawed belief as an administration policy.

This is why the bombing of the Boston Marathon was possible when the Russians had warned the FBI. They interviewed and couldn’t find anything initially, but the local authorities were not told of the threat, and there was no follow up when this guy on food stamps took a trip to Russia and Chechnya and returned to carry out his heinous act as Jihadist.

This hardly seems possible on its face, but when the directive from the White House is that the war on terror is over, to not use words that indicate otherwise, or make waves or reports to the contrary because your job might be on the line, you shut up and don’t do your job or be demoted or worse by the Obama administration.

Perhaps this is why the former Secretary of State didn’t do her job either and managed to get her Ambassador assassinated.

The latest revelations about the Attorney General illegally investigating Associated Press reporters in order to track down potential whistle blowers makes it all much more chilling now.

TM Steven Laurvick 14May2013

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