Does email marketing still work?

Does email marketing still work?

Does email marketing still work?

Understanding e-mail marketing systems well enough to run a campaign requires that you put in the work you need to understand how Internet advertising works in general. The thing about running an email marketing campaign is, that it is surprisingly easy to run afoul of the law. One needs to learn the rules of e-mail marketing before actually stepping in. Any email marketing campaign means having thousands of e-mail addresses to target the campaign at.

One needs to make up one's mind where those addresses come from. With everything one does in such an advertising campaign, it's easy to give in to the temptation of giving up on one's principles and choosing convenience, profit and expediency instead. It's something they just don't teach you enough of in business school that every marketing campaign needs to not sacrifice on anyone's integrity. Let's go over each one of these areas that plays a part in the success of a campaign marketing through e-mail.

With any business planning on an email marketing campaign, about the first area of concern usually has to do with how one might obtain a great mailing list of e-mail addresses. With a little work put in, generating your own list of e-mail addresses can be quite an effective way - far more so than buying mailing lists. How do you generate your own list?

The most straightforward way of doing this is usually to open a couple of websites with useful information about your area of business. When visitors come in looking for information, you can promise them the coveted information in exchange for e-mail registration. This way, you know that all the addresses on your mailing list belong to people who actually have some kind of interest in your product.

There is one problem with this kind of mailing list generation - while you do get e-mail addresses of people who are interested in your area of business in general, you have no idea what specifically they might be interested in. For instance, if you run a business where you sell classic movie DVDs, and the people who have signed up on your website are actually interested in renting those movies, your email marketing campaign will be mis-targeted.

One way to get around this would be to think of all the possible reasons that people might have to be interested in your website in general, and then to include links in your e-mails to businesses that specialize in all those areas. When an e-mail recipient finds a link there to a place to rent classic movie DVDs for instance, and clicks on it, you can make a little referral earnings. It's a way to keep your e-mails on target, it's a way to make a little extra income, and it's a way to not have anyone think you're sending them spam.

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