Does email marketing still work for Las Vegas Businesses?

Does email marketing still work for Las Vegas Businesses?

Does email marketing still work?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing strategy that is used to communicate fundraising or commercial messages. Many companies have a direct mailing campaign and gather email addresses from its shoppers, supporters, or constituents. In the last presidential election every candidate had an email marketing campaign.

The first step in developing a campaign is to create a database of thousands ñ even millions ñ of users. Once the database is created, they must be imported into an eBlast provider, such as ConstantContact, FuseMail, VerticalResponse, or Campaigner. Each service offers unique pricing plans and features that are different.

The next step is to design your email marketing documents. Each eBlast should use the same style and template. You can have a number of different eBlast templates. Examples of the various eBlasts include product launches, scheduled newsletters (i.e. weekly, monthly, and quarterly), tour schedules, letters from the CEO, etc. Each blast can be targeted to a specific demographic within your database. For example, if your band is touring in California, send the eBlast only to those who have California addresses.

For this reason it is certainly worthwhile to hire a professional in the email marketing industry who can devote himself full time to keeping up to date with the most effective email marketing strategies and designing an email marketing campaign for our business to help you achieve your business related goals. However, selecting a consultant from the many options available can be downright overwhelming. In general you should look for a consultant who has a great deal of experience, a proven track record, listens to your questions carefully, explains concepts simply and makes your project a priority.

Another popular strategy for email marketing is to offer an email correspondence course on a subject closely related to your website or the products or services you offer. These correspondence courses should include a number of short segments, provide useful information, be of interest to your intended audience and should also help to promote your business in some way. The simplest way to promote your business without having your correspondence course deemed to be spam is to use a soft sell approach to subtly urge readers to make a purchase or visit your website for more information.

Publishing and distributing period e-newsletters is another example of an email marketing strategy which can be highly effective. An e-newsletter is very similar to a newsletter which is printed and distributed by conventional methods such as mail delivery. The bulk of an e-newsletter should be quality content in the form of featured articles, short articles containing useful tips or product reviews. The e-newsletter may also contain graphical elements. These elements may simply be graphic designs or they may be graphics which also serve as links. The links may direct traffic to your website or to other websites. Finally, your e-newsletters should contain some type of soft sell sales approach. It is important to not make the sales pitch blatant as this may result in the e-newsletter being considered spam. Finally, the e-newsletter should contain a call to action urging the readers to either make a purchase or visit your website for more information.

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