About guesswhy.info

guesswhy.info is a professional, thorough and reliable inspection service providing home inspection 6 days a week (Inspections not available on Tuesday’s). All inspections are performed according to the “Standards of Practice” as prescribed by, the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA).

guesswhy.info inspectors is a graduate of Inspection Training Associates (ITA) and a member of (CREIA) and have received the designation of Real Property Administrator and Facility Management Administrator from the Buildings Owners Management Association (BOMA).. Continuing education is an ongoing requirement.

guesswhy.info Over 15 years experience in the residential and commercial real estate industry, building maintenance, and pool and spa’s and home maintenance and repair.

guesswhy.info is fully insured. When a inspection professional is involved, the need to fall back call on insurance is very rare. However, for that extra peace of mind you are protected in our transactions. guesswhy.info carries full Errors & Omissions and Liability Insurance as well as Referring Agent/Broker Protection.

guesswhy.info normally creates computer-generated reports with digital photos and colorized comments with a preliminary copy given at the conclusion of the inspection. The final hard copy are normally completed within 24 hours of inspection and are delivered via email or by the USPS.

guesswhy.info cordially invites you accompany the inspector on every steps through your new home inspection and will answer any questions during the process. After the inspection, we invite all parties involved to call at any time with follow-up questions.

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